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Tyrepower Margaret River’s business of the month review….

Margaret River has many great businesses but this business is truly innovative and unique.

This month we have awarded it to Floating Euphoria in our  south west beach town of Gnarabup.

If you have never been to a float centre, you must try the experience once in your life.  As you walk into the calm and serine reception centre, there is a gentle feeling of calm.  Owner, Simon Tien greets you and takes you through to the float room to explain how it all works before leaving you in blissful peace to unwind.

To begin your journey of relaxation, you take a refreshing shower in the wet room and then as you slip into the large roomy “out of space” looking float pod filled with healing Epsom salts, the pod water is purified by ultra violet lights which  gently change to a rainbow of colour.

As the lights slowly dim down as you close the pod, you begin your float journey, the pod surprisingly feels spacious yet still cosy and warm just like you were in your own healing cocoon. As you begin to float, you can hear gentle music slowly fade into the background until there is total silence, stillness and your body is completely weightless. One could perhaps imagine they were floating in space.

As your mind unwinds, you are transported into another dimension where you’re in a deeply relaxed state, yet you’re not asleep, but in the alpha state which is light hypnotic relaxed state, not quite asleep but still focused and aware.  Its almost like your meditating as time seems to stand still, you feel like you’re in the present moment as  all your thoughts and worries begin to  drift away.

What feels like 10 minutes, is surprisingly 1 hour later and the music quietly begins again and as you awaken from your tranquil dream like state you feel calm and refreshed like you have had 24 hours solid sleep. (Perfect for those new sleep deprived mothers).

The journey is complete with another warm shower to wash away the salt and you are greeted with a refreshing herbal tea to finish this amazing experience.
This is the perfect de stress experience for the hectic stress filled lives we live. 

floating relaxation pool
floating relaxation pool floating relaxation pool
Visit floatingeuphoria.com.au for more info. 

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Tyrepower Margaret River acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.